Our Story

Established in 1991, EMED has worked with clinicians, inventors and medical companies to develop innovative medical technologies for over two decades. To the medical community, what we do is perceived as great contributions. We develop medical products that redefine therapies and improve the lives of patients.

Our Mission

Empower inventors and facilitate the development and launch of their ideas. 

Simplify the development of disruptive technologies at a fraction of the cost of using the conventional startup model.

Our Vision

Harnessing innovation to make medical breakthroughs accessible is our passion and focus. EMED offers a wide variety of technology platforms that improve therapies and enhance clinical benefits. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals EMED approaches clinicians to understand their requirements and improve upon available technologies.



EMED markets its devices under specific brand names through its distribution networks globally.  Our core technologies include Neuromodulation, Wound Care and Infusion Therapy.



We are focused on restoring the ability of the brain to have control of biologic functions.  We are conducting clinical research related to various biological functions.

Infusion Therapy

Our infusion technology platforms provide delivery solutions for optimizing delivery of biologics. We are working with global leaders to establish new paradigms while optimizing cost and patient experiences.

Wound Care

Our Hemostatic Gauze is an innovation that provides fast-­acting control of bleeding and minimization of blood loss in most situations including oral, reconstructive and implant surgery.



We recognize the importance of partnering with leaders who have strategic advantages in their markets. For this reason, EMED offers customization of devices and technologies to strategic partners. Patented technologies can be developed and manufactured with unique design features. This optimizes the utilization and market reach of patented concepts that can be applied to multiple devices.



The development process starts by establishing design criteria. Our team of knowledgeable professionals actively works with innovators, opinion leaders and other manufacturers to identify and respond to special market needs.


Our objective is to develop cutting edge medical technology that improves the livelihood and quality of healthcare to patients while optimizing efficiency and safety for clinicians.

Clinical Research

Clinical research plays a vital role in the development of new medical products and is an essential part of the research and development process. Clinical trials are conducted to validate technology adequacy.


EMED markets its devices under specific brand names through its distribution networks globally.  We recognize the importance of partnering with regional and global leaders who have marketing advantages in their markets. Working with our technology platforms and third party inventors, we offer customized devices to strategic partners through Licensing or Joint Venture agreements. This optimizes the utilization and market reach of patented concepts that can be applied to multiple devices.


Corporate Philosophy


“Developing successful medical products is the result of understanding clinical needs, applying design excellence, timely development, and creative marketing…”. If you are a clinician, an inventor or a patient and have a novel or innovative product idea, contact us. We strive to promote and develop ideas both from within and outside our corporation. This philosophy has allowed EMED to develop the most cutting edge products in various sectors of the healthcare industry.


EMED utilizes a consultative approach to enhance its understanding of all requirements for a new medical device. A critical part of the process is validation of clinician and patient preference. It is very rewarding to be contacted by patients and clinicians who use our products and who express their satisfaction and benefits. 


Our Corporate culture focuses on medical devices that improve patients lives. We believe sustainability should encompass all levels of our organization including not only our products but the quality of our management, the opportunities we offer all members of our team. We are committed to developing medical products that are based on Patient's needs and Clinical Research to optimize features and benefits of our device has increased sustainability and led to a net improvement in our production.


EMED is an ISO 13485 Certified Company with a global supply chain. EMED's products, facilities and operations are subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory authorities worldwide. EMED works with such authorities to develop and manufacture safe and effective products for its customers. 

IG Living

"The best company for infusion needs"


July 2015

EMED receives Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval to supply the SCIg60 Infusion System and SUB-Q subcutaneous administration sets to the Australian market…

May 2015

EMED receives 510k market clearance for the SCIg60 Infusion System, intended for infusion of Hizentra® Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 20% Liquid … 

September 2014

EMED obtains Brazilian ANVISA registration of the detruset® intravesical electrical stimulation catheter… 

May 2014

EMED receives 510k market clearance for Infuset flow control extension sets… 

February 2014

EMED transitions to EMERGO Group, a leading international consultancy, as its European Authorized Representative for medical device sales to the EU… 

January 2013

EMED receives 510k market clearance for VersaRate ® variable flow rate controller set… 

October 2012

EMED Technologies Corporation today announced successful Noridian coding verification of its SCIg60 Infusion System…

May 2012

EMED receives 510k market clearance for Infuset flow control extension sets… 

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