The power of creative thinking just got more powerful.

Beyond developing infusion therapies, EMED is committed to leaving a positive legacy through environmental, social, and governance channels.


Our consideration for the environment goes beyond just our products 

BPA-free products for over two decades and counting





Products manufactured with chemically stable polymers 


Packaging made from recycled sources 

Our corporate operations run on renewable energy 

EMED has invested in projects and bioplastic startups to catalyze a new generation of biodegradable plastics


Uses Renewable Energy


Recyclable Packaging


Years of BPA-Free products



Diverse. Ethical. Considerate. 

Embracing and celebrating an increasingly diverse workforce

Stringent and humane manufacturing protocols

Active managerial and financial participation in non-profits

years of giving back
EMED's Manufacturing Give-Back program provides both financial and non-financial resources to manufacturing employees in underprivileged socio-economic circumstances.
2 water rights non-profit partners
We've partnered with 2 water rights non-profits to help advocate for basic human rights. EMED participates in different scopes to help our partners create wells, provide disinfectant devices, and increase access to clean water across Africa. 
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Our global vision and expansion transcends into our team. We believe different perspectives add value to EMED. 



A patient-centric company where every voice matters.

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Collaborating in a decentralized structure allows us to develop meaningful connections between our team and patients

We are actively advocating for strong intellectual property protection

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Operating in the highest ethical standard by respecting intellectual property and developing equitable corporate agreements

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Valuing each of our team member's contributions equally 

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