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SAF-Q needle sets have been designed with technology for seamless needle insertion to maximize patient comfort and safety.

Comfort at your fingertips.

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SAF-Q needle sets are coated to reduce friction between the skin and needle, minimizing tissue damage and discomfort. The multi-bevel angles, optimal wall thickness, and reliable needle construction maximize patient comfort.

Wings into the future.

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SAF-Q provides the largest selection of subcutaneous needle sets in the market with a wide array of needle lengths to accommodate differences in patient anatomy. 

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Engineered with precision. 


EMED needle sets have been engineered with a specific needle curvature to deliver maximum flow and optimal performance with a wide range of fluid viscosity. 

Designed for Safety.

Even in its name.

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SAF-Q’s patented wing technology facilitates patient and clinician safety by securely enclosing the needle after use to maximize hygiene and reduce puncture risk.  The translucent wings facilitate placement and stability throughout the infusion process. 

Compare to OPTflow

Compare to OPTFlow

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