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VersaRate Plus


SA-0010044_1.0, VersaRate Plus, Flow Reg
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VersaRate Plus is a proprietary flow rate device designed to offset variations present when infusing fluids with mechanical pumps with the additional benefits of a wider range of settings and an improved turning dial. 

Control made even easier.


As opposed to fixed rate sets, VersaRate Plus proprietary variable control provides a range of adjustable flow rate settings to counter fluctuation in fluid viscosity resulting from temperature changes or the patient’s subcutaneous absorption in a simple and effortless way.

Infusing on cloud twelve

VersaRate technology allows adjustability with 12 expanded settings to individualize the infusion process to each patient's infusion needs. 

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Take your infusion up a notch

VersaRate Plus (ISO View 01 - Transparen

VersaRate Plus’ ergonomic dial is labeled with number settings for easy adjusting and viewing with an improved range of settings including an off setting to immediately stop flow without the need of clamps. The compact design eliminates the need for long fixed rate sets.

Prime away

SA-0010044_1.0, VersaRate Plus, Flow Reg
Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.19.29

VersaRate Plus allows the patient to easily control flow rate with the turn of a dial. This feature allows the user to increase the flow rate at the start of the priming process to save time and slow the flow rate at

the end to assist with dry priming.

Training is just as easy. 

With an even better product.


VersaRate Plus intuitive design is preferred by patients and has been adopted as a preferred flow control method, allowing patients to use a lower rate of infusion the first time, and later increase to higher flow rates. 

Compare to VersaRate

Compare to VersaRate 

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