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SCIg60  Pump


SCIg60 infuser and subcutaneous infusion pump
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The SCIg60 Infuser is a mechanical syringe pump controlled by a proprietary flow rate device. The pump design ensures compatibility with a wide range of subcutaneous infusions and its quality delivers reliable, long-term use. 

No batteries. No maintenance.

SCIg60 infuser is a mechanical infusion pump


infusion cycles

14.4 psi

average pressure


precompressed spring

The SCIg60 Infuser is a reusable pump validated for up to 4,200 infusion cycles. The pump design eliminates the need for batteries and maintenance, while its slim body makes it portable.  With a low cost per infusion, and no maintenance expenses, the SCIg60 Infuser does not compromise on design or quality.

It's time for consistent infusion.

EMED SCIg60 Infuser Syringe
Support legs
Syringe latch
Turning knob
Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.19.29

The SCIg60 pump is powered by a stainless steel spring that provides constant force throughout the therapy while allowing for a smooth and quiet infusion process. The pump's lightweight polymer enclosure ensures durability throughout use.

Hospital, at home, on the go?

No problem.

The SCIg60 infuser works at home, in hospitals, and on the go

The SCIg60 Infuser is intended for hospital or at-home use for infusion of immunoglobulins and pairs with both fixed rate and proprietary adjustable flow rate sets. The pump includes a convenient pouch for portability.

Product Highlights


Compatible with a variety of subcutaneous infusions

Easy to use 

Infuse in three simple steps 


Portable, lightweight, and quiet with a mechanically powered design (no batteries)


Constant force throughout the therapy


Manufactured with superior polymers to ensure no chemical interaction with immunoglobulins


Infusion control without the cost of an electronic pump
Product Highlights
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