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Patients and clinicians have been and continue to be the core of EMED's focus. We're proud that our products are helping patients live better lives every day - and we're committed to ensuring that progress continues to be made to improve clinicians' jobs and patients' lives.

Hear the 

Ayers' story

"VersaRate changed our infusion in a major positive way. Ethan was able to relax more as he no longer experienced stinging. Where usually he has anxiety we saw him moving around and having fun even during the infusion. Something as small as a dial to have control of your body is a game changer. We have definitely found a new way of infusing that works better for him and our family."
- Ashley Ayers, Ethan's mother
Ayers Family testimonial about EMED's VersaRate flow controller and the OPTFlow needle set

Hear Cook's 


"When I first found out that I was going to have to give myself needles every week for the rest of my life, or else go to the hospital once a month for several hours for intravenous infusions, it seemed impossible. When I went for training and learned that I was going to have to push on a syringe for 20 minutes at a set rate - every week! - I could not do it.  And the needles hurt!  With the EMED system, smaller needles are used and the pump does all the work. Even though I still don’t like getting the needles, the pump makes it so much better. It is easy to use and seems to be fail proof. Everyone should have one."
- Ms. Cook, patient
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