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What is IG Therapy?

IG therapy is a subcutaneous immunoglobulin system meant to treat Primary Immunodeficiency. The development of our system pioneered subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulin. 

IG Therapy

What is EMED's role?

EMED logo and its role in the immunoglobulin industry

EMED designs and develops medical devices and works closely with pharmacies and distributors to provide access to a superior infusion system. EMED has been at the forefront of IG Therapy since its inception and continues to explore and develop technologies for various therapies to improve patients' lives and infusion experience.

EMED's Role

What sets us apart?

The Difference

Patient Care

As a patient-centric company, EMED is focused on developing products to serve patients every step of the way.


EMED invests financial and human capital to be at the forefront of research to continuously improve infusion technology.


As proven by independent testing, EMED provides the highest standards of infusion experience in the industry.


EMED develops technologies which uphold patient and clinician safety as a top priority. 

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